Any questions? Read our FAQ below.

    Faucet Users

    What's it all about?

    Pay LTC24 is a middleman between you and faucets you use. That allows you to collect coins from faucets you use (unless they use Pay LTC24) to a single place and payout them in bulk. With Pay LTC24 you can:

    • reach payout limit faster
    • reduce clutter in your wallet
    • omit transaction fees

    Where can I check my accumulated coins?

    Just visit our Address checker page and provide your cyptocurrency address. You'll see all statistics of your address there, including:

    • transaction history with all payouts from Pay LTC24 to your wallet
    • history of visited faucets and collected coins

    Do I need to sign up?

    You don't need to do anything to start using Pay LTC24 as faucets user. If you would like to collect coins from faucets check out our Faucets List and visit some faucets. While claiming coins from faucets provide your cryptocurrency address. If we don't have your address in our database we'll create it during your first claim. After that you can jump to our Address Checker page to see how many coins you have collected and when your payout threshold will be reached.

    Sign up form is only for people who have their own faucet or would like to create a new one. Pay LTC24 is not a wallet provider, so do not register just to collect coins from faucets!

    I can't find my address

    You need to have your own crypotucurrency address to use Pay LTC24. Pay LTC24 is not a wallet provider. If you just would like to collect coins from faucets do not register! Just use your existing cryptocurrency address. Sign up form is only for people who have their own faucet or would like to create a new one.

    How can I withdraw my coins?

    If you reach the threshold set on your address check page, your coins will be withdrawn automatically. Withdrawals are made at least once a day, so you should get them in less than 48 hours. You can see recent transactions sent to you on address check page. If you didn't receive your coins in 48h after reaching the threshold, please contact our support team.

    What is a "payout threshold"?

    Payout threshold is a minimal amount of coins which you need to collect in order to recieve your collected coins into your address.

    Most cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) consider transactions with outputs lower than some established value to be non-standard (and thus they won't be processed). You can read about Bitcoin case at Github.

    It also allows us to reduce fees sent to the network to minimum. Fees are proportionate to a transaction size. When a normal, typical Bitcoin transaction is sent, all inputs that the address in use received must be sent. The more inputs there are, the bigger the transaction gets and the network fee gets bigger. This is exactly what Pay LTC24 prevents - we delay payouts and accumulate more coins, so we (and faucet owners) pay a lower transaction fee when sending out coins to you, faucet users. The aforementioned fee does not affect your (faucet users) payouts, it affects only services that send coins to you (in this case - Pay LTC24 will cover network fees).

    What does "referral payout" mean?

    Referral payouts are faucet payouts that were marked in a way that lets users know, that such faucet has an independent referral system and makes payouts if you refer other uses to it. To Pay LTC24 they are like any other payout and are added to normal payouts when checking whether you reached your payout limit.

    Minimal payout limits

    Check out current minimal payout limits

    Faucet Owners

    What's it all about?

    If you want to start a faucet (a site giving coins away for free or half free), you will encounter a problem with minimal payout limits in Bitcoin (and other currencies). In short, you wouldn't be able to pay out to your users as often as you would like, and it would cost you many coins (much more than our fees). So Pay LTC24 is here to help you with that :). With Pay LTC24:

    • your users can get a payout faster
    • you can use our API, so you don't have to run a full Bitcoind (or other currency) node - you can use cheaper web servers!

    Deposit Address

    Deposit address only can used once for every deposit.

    You need to create new address to deposit if you allready used your active deposit address and want to deposit again.


    We're taking a fee from every deposit. So if you deposit 0.01 BTC to your Pay LTC24 account, your balance will show (if the fee is 2.5%) 0.00975 BTC.

    We need this to cover network fees, which are required by protocol to send out the transactions

    Check out current fees


    If you want to be advertised for free, fill in your URL and description on your faucet's manage page in Dashboard. Your faucet will be listed on our Faucets List as soon as it gets approved (we need to check whether your description contains spam).

    Minimum deposits

    You have to deposit at least such amount of coins for your transaction to be credited:

    Check out current minimum deposits

    If you deposit less than that, your deposit will be lost. Even if you send another deposit, so that both have more then the required minimum, they'll still be ignored. Each deposit has to be above the minimum to be credited!

    Referral program

    Pay LTC24 does not have any referral program neither for faucet owners nor faucet users. Some faucets may have their own referral program, but Pay LTC24 is not familiar with them in any way. Please contact owner of faucets for any questions related to their referral programs.